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Looking For an Automatic Motorhome in Iceland? Here's What You Should Know

Updated: Mar 6

Renting the right RV for your road trip in Iceland is one of the most important things. It is essential to choose the vehicle that suits your needs best so you can fully enjoy your adventure in Iceland.. Being in a foreign country, travelling on roads that you do not know is enough stressful. You do not need to worry about the vehicle you are driving too, in case it turns out to be not the best choice.

This is why, the proper research is required before you set up your booking. From our experience as a rental compnay we know that many tourists try to find a similar model as they have in their home country. This makes them more comfortable while driving as they already know the certain model and it is totally understandable. This is not always possible especially in case you are going to rent an RV.

Then having the same transmission at least is a must. This is why so many people is looking for the automatic motorhome in Iceland. Let’s find out more about the automatic transmission vehicles in Iceland, and what are your chances to get one.

A male tourist driving a non automatic transmission motorhome.

Automatic cars in iceland

While looking for a perfect RV for your road trip you will be checking few things for sure. You will want it to be fully equipped with things which you might use during your journey. The heating system should also be on your list as Iceland does not belong to the warmest countries in the world.

You should also check if the model of the car you will be renting is manual or automatic. This is one of the most important factors that should be checked beforehand. While for many it does not make a difference, for others it might cause a real problem.

A wide selection of camper vans is offered by numerous companies in Iceland. It seems not that hard to rent a camper or a motorhome for your trip. However, the transmission might seem to be problematic here. Many people coming to Iceland from countries like United States, are looking for an automatic transmission to rent.

The reason is simple, it is very common in their home country. Most of people drive automatics and they are not used to or even do not know how to drive a manual transmission cars. In that case we are not only talking about the comfort of driving but also about the safety of yourself and other road users. It is much easier to switch from the manual to automatic than the other way around and you have probably heard that already.

A concept of an automatic transmission motorhome in Iceland

It is not that difficult to find an automatic car to rent in Iceland while it might a challenge if it goes about an RV.

Campervan rental in Iceland: automatic transmission

It will not be so difficult to find campers in Iceland with automatic transmission. Usually the campervan rental companies offer the same or similar model in both versions. This way everyone can find the perfect vehicle for their trip. In our offer you will be able to find a Rentault Kangoo model in manual option and a very similar VW Caddy in automatic. Both are similarly equipped and belong to the same category of a mini camper.

A perfect option for a couple who need an economic vehicle to travel around Iceland. A bigger and most spacious option with the automatic transmission would be the VW California which is one of the most common automatic and 4x4 vans in Iceland. While doing your research online you will easily realize that most of the 4x4 vehicles are automatic at the same time.

The situation gets a bit more complicated when it comes to a motorhome. It is very rare to find an automatic motorhome if not impossible. The common transmission in Iceland has always been manual. This is also why the manual motorhomes are so popular in here.

If you are not experienced in driving a manual transmission you only have two options. The first one and the recommendable one is to rent an automatic camper van and plan your itinerary a bit differently. Note that renting a 4x4 camper in Iceland opens your possibilities to visit the Highlands which are not accessible with a motorhome.

That might be one of the biggest benefits of going for a 4x4 camper. For some might seem impossible to get rid of the shower and toilette but in Iceland this is not a problem. You can use them at any campsite and gas stations all around the country. You will be able to find the public toilets even at the parking near the main attractions so believe me, this is not an issue.

It is quite difficult to get an automatic transmission motorhome in Iceland, manual are more common

The second option would be taking some classes of manual transmission driving before coming to Iceland. We do not recommend the self-learning though as it might end up badly. Make sure you find someone who can explain you well how the manual gear works and how to use it so you do not damage it at the same time. When you already have that covered, you will not need an automatic motorohme in Iceland.

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