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Camping on Iceland's Ring Road: Campsites list

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Visiting Iceland is one of the best experience you might have in your life. The best way to explore our country is obviously to rent a car or an RV. It is mostly because of the public transport being very limited but it also has countless benefits. No other way of travelling gives so much freedom, joy and sense of adventure. You can plan your itinerary in the way that suits you most, you go whenever you want and see the attractions you always dreamed of. Let's dig a bit more on Camping on Iceland's Ring Road.

A male traveler on camping on Iceland's Ring Road

If you wish to see all of the waterfalls in Iceland, you can now do it in your rented camper van. If one day you wish to go further from the city lights to hunt for the Northern lights, nothing will stop you. Well, maybe the weather but does not depend on you, right? This is why a camping trip in Iceland should definitely be on your bucket list. Most of the tourists that decide to do a self road trip in Iceland, choose to follow the well known Iceland's Ring Road. While planning your trip around our country, you need to take into account, the places you will be staying in for the night. Wild camping in Iceland is not allowed in most of the places and you will need to search for the campsites, where you can park your vehicle and set a camp. It can give you a real headache as there are many campsites all around the island. We prepared a campsites list for you, for your camping on Iceland's Ring Road trip.

Camping on Ring Road in Iceland

Iceland's Ring Road, also called road number 1, is the main paved road which circles the whole island. Driving the Ring Road should not cause any trouble even if you are not a very experienced driver. This road is mostly paved, so you will not need any special vehicle with the 4 wheel drive option. If you are travelling in Iceland in winter, you might want to consider this option, which will make your trip even more comfortable. Most of the car rentals have both options in their fleet, so you can choose the vehicle that will best suit your needs.

Most of the campsites in Iceland are open only during the summer months. The end of September is when the low season start and some of the campsites remain closed until the next season. There is no reason for the owners to open up as the number of tourists is very limited, especially in some remote parts of Iceland.

In general, there is no need for an advanced reservation. You just need to show up, purchase the entrance, and choose the perfect spot to park your vehicle. During the summer months, the very popular campsites get full quite quickly. Others request a reservation due to limited space, like the one in the Landmannalaugar area. So if you plan a day trip to Iceland's Highlands, make sure you book your camping spot in advance.

Driving the Ring Road is really comfortable, and very pleasant, especially due to the amazing views it gives. Some of the attractions are quite far one from another. Remember to fill up the fuel tank whenever you have the chance. Sometimes you can even drive around 200 km until you reach the next gas station. Most of them are the self- service, which means that you will not find there anyone to help, and you just use the pin machine to purchase the fuel. Make sure you have your credit card with you, as most of them do not accept the standard debit cards.

A Small camper trunk full of stuff ready for camping on Iceland's Ring Road

Iceland Ring Road camping itinerary

You can easily reach all of the main country's attractions, by following it. Most of the travelers, do it counterclockwise, starting their trip from Keflavik airport directly. This is recommendable if you are arriving quite early and do not want to lose any minute. When living the Keflavik airport towards the South, you will find a supermarket on the way, where you can stock up for your food. Now you are ready for your road trip.

Usually the next stop is always the Golden Circle, which already gives a sense of what you can expect on the following days of your trip. This is, with no doubt, the most scenic day trip route in Iceland.

Have a look below at the list of the best campsites on the Ring Road route that you should add to your itinerary.


This campsites is located just next to the well known geyser Geysir. The surroundings of this place are simply amazing. The pure nature will let you relax after all day sightseeing and so much excitement. It is at a walking distance from the hot springs area where you can spend the evening, relaxing. In the area you will also find restaurants, hotel and other amenities that you might need. At this camping site, you will be able to use showers, toilets, washing machine and waste disposal. This is also where you can charge your devices as there is electricity in half of the place.

When planning to stay on this campsite remember that no camper vans or motor vehicles in general are accepted between 24:00 and 8:00.


This campsites is located in a valley near Vik so for those who are heading south after visiting Golden Circle, it is a perfect stop. It is surrounded by the mountains which makes it like a shelter. This is one of the campsite where you might want to give a call in advance and book a spot if necessary. Due to its limited space and popularity, it might be hard to get in in the summer months. On the campsites there are all the necessary facilities and additionally a dining room made in the cave. There are many routes nearby which you can enjoy to see the breathtaking scenes.


Djupivogur is a campsite with a great view over the harbor. Within 500 meters, you will find all the services in town so its location is very convenient. You will not get bored here is you would like to stay for longer. The town offers a new swimming pools, some museums and  many walking trails you can enjoy.


This campsite is very well known and it is located right in the heart of the city of Egilsstadir! Its location right in the valley gives a shelter from the wind which makes it very enjoyable. All the basic amenities can be used here. Additionally you will find here a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine. This is a great spot for those who are already travelling for few days. You can wash your clothes, restock for food in the city and charge the batteries for further adventures.


Asbyrgi, in North Iceland is full of great camping places. You should not have any problems finding a spot in this area. In the National Park of Asbyrgi you will be able to find two campsites. The smaller one is located in the western valley and has a very charming surroundings. The campsites are pretty basic with basic amenities like toilets and showers but its location is its biggest benefit. All the fans of pure nature with no cities and towns nearby, will be delighted here.

Laugardalur, Reykjavik

You will find few interesting campsites in the Reykjavik area. This one is, in my opinion the best choice for those who love to be closer to the nature. It is located near the Laugardalur swimming pool and around 20 minutes walking from the city center. This is a perfect location for those would would like to visit Reykjavik. You will find here everything you might need, kitchen utensils, washing machines, showers internet and electricity for the motorhomes vehicles. A lovely park and a ZOO nearby is another reason why you should choose this one. This campsite received the Earth Check Assessed award, which means that is is run according to the sustainable business practices.

Camping table on one of the camping on Iceland's Ring Road


Grindavik camping place is the best choice for those who would like to relax in the geothermal waters of Blue Lagoon and return the vehicle in the morning. It was opened in 2009, and it has everything you might need. The location, though is obviously its biggest benefit. Hot showers, toilets, and the kitchen are offered for general use. They also offer the gray water disposal, which is very convenient if you need to prepare the motorhome for returning it the next morning. You can also refill the water tanks so everything is set for the drop-off.

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