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Tips to Choose the Right Camper Car in Iceland

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Traveling around Iceland for most is the trip of a lifetime. There are people who need to work hard and save to be able to visit beautiful Iceland. It has become one of the most popular destinations among tourists and every year the number is growing. There is so much to see and visit that however much time you plan for your trip, it seems like it’s not enough. You will try to do your best to plan everything in a way so that you don’t lose one minute of this precious time in Iceland. How should you organize than your trip in order to be able to see the most of it and be able to reach every attraction from your bucket list? The answer is simple, choose the right camper car for your journey in Iceland!

A Couple travelling with a camper car rental in Iceland

The most popular route chosen by most of the travelers is to drive all along the Ring Road which is around 1400 km (869 mi ) long and circles the whole island. All the stunning attractions you saw in your guide book can be accessed from this road. On the way, you can of course head to a few other highlights of course. The best way is a campervan hire or to rent a car for your trip through Iceland. It offers you seeing as much as possible and at the same time not getting completely rid of all your savings. Iceland is unlike any other country you might have had the pleasure to visit before. It requires much more preparation and awareness when talking about driving in Iceland.

Choosing a campervan in Iceland might not seem that easy and can give you a bit of a headache. There are so many things to think about, and so many things to check before completing the booking. We will help you out with these issues and will give you some tips on how to choose the right camper car for your  Iceland road trip. We will tell you what you should consider important and things you should not worry about. With us, you will choose the right RV rental company and thus your journey will become even more pleasant and comfortable than you imagined.

How to choose a camper rental in Iceland?

The good news and maybe not that good at the same time is that you will find a wide selection of camper cars in Iceland. This is one side of the good news because the offer varies widely and you can choose between many campers to find the one that fits your needs best. On the other hand, I know that the bigger amount of options you have, the more difficult it is to make a choice. There are so many models! Which one will be the best for you?

The thing you should start with is to decide on the dates of your trip to Iceland. This is crucial. You will probably not rent the same camper during summer as during the winter months. This will basically answer your question of whether or not you need a 4x4 camper for your journey. But we will talk about this point later.

If you are coming to Iceland in winter, the camping car you rent must be prepared and equipped appropriately. You will need to check if the car comes with the winter tires included already or there is an additional fee for that. Most of the camper rental companies in Iceland add the winter tires for free as this is obligatory per law that all cars have winter tires from November to mid-April.

The next important thing is to check that your vehicle will have heating installed. Preferably a Webasto heating system. This campervan will become your home for a week or so, you would not be that cozy if you are cold inside right? Especially if you are planning a night hunting for the Northern Lights. You will much appreciate having your camper interior warm when you come back as the nights can be quite chilly as the weather in Iceland is unpredictable. Additionally, check carefully what comes included in your vehicle. Most of them already come with sleeping bags which will keep you warm at night and additional kitchen utensils so you can easily prepare your meals. It will help you save some money while exploring Iceland.

Choosing the best camper car for your trip should also be based on the pick-up and drop off location. A convenient office location will make it all much easier. Most of you will start your trip directly from Keflavik. If your rental company offers the pick up directly from the airport area, you will avoid having to take a shuttle to Reykjavik and extra costs. There are RV rental companies which even offer pick-ups directly from the terminal. There is a person waiting for you when you arrive and assist you in their office from where you start your trip. Isn’t that convenient?

Driving on Icelandic roads with a camper car is an amazing experience

Check with your rental company if they offer a camping card in a package. Especially during the summer months until September, it will be very useful if you come with a whole family or a group of friends. It will give you a discount and instead of paying your nights at campsites per person, you will pay per unit, so there’s just one fee to pay.

Try to search online for your camping car rental. Check for any early-bird discounts that can be offered or any special promos for booking in advance. The vehicle rental in Iceland will always be cheaper if booked online in advance. Booking directly from the Keflavik airport office after your arrival is not the best idea. Firstly, because of the price which will be much more expensive and secondly, because of the possible lack of availability.

Especially during the off-peak season, Iceland is extremely popular and busy.

The wide selection of camper cars is not the only aspect that should speak for the company that is the best one to choose from. More does not always mean better. Especially if it goes about the quality of the vehicles. Take your time with checking the reviews about the best camper rental companies in Iceland. If they have a spotless customer service, you know you will be in good hands. If anything happens during your trip or any doubts arise,you know you will be helped quickly and not left on your own. This is extremely important to feel safe and know that someone is there to help. Additionally, you will be able to ask for any recommendations and tips and advice for your trip. In many cases, the 24/7 road assistance is included so you will be able to call them at any time whenever you have any questions or issues.

Do I need a 4x4 camper car in Iceland?

As mentioned above, that depends much on the month you decide to travel in Iceland and on your itinerary. If you are coming to Iceland in summer months and wish to see as much of our magical Iceland as possible, you will also want to go to the Highlands. The roads in Highlands are called F-roads and are only open during few months in summer. To drive on the F-roads you will need a 4x4 camper and going there with a 2WD is forbidden.

That is why the trip there in winter is not possible with your own rental camper. You can check the roads network in advance to plan your itinerary accordingly.

If you are then planning to go to Landmannalaugar and do not only stick to the main Ring Road, you should go for a 4x4 camper definitely. It will give you even more freedom and independence and will make you enjoy the rough interior of Iceland.

If you are coming to Iceland in the winter months, you will not be able to go to the Highlands so you can take it off right now from your bucket list, unless you go for a guided Super Jeep tour. If your itinerary is only limited to the Golden Circle and the South Coast, a standard 2WD campervan will be enough.

If you are planning to circle the whole island in winter, even though you will use a paved Ring Road, we recommend to go for the camper 4x4. These are much more comfortable to drive and are more stable on icy and snowy roads. Believe me, it will be appreciated when driving in snow in Iceland.

A tourist driving a camper car rental in Iceland on F-roads in Highlands

Choosing the right camper car for your trip to Iceland depends on many aspects, on your needs, your itinerary and the budget too. Remember to check the equipment of the vehicle and the reviews on the company you go for. A little bit more preparation will make your trip unforgettable and really pleasant. The only thing you will need to worry about is if your memory card will be able to hold so many beautiful pictures you will make during your trip!

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