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Planning an Iceland Camper Van Trip: Ultimate Guide

Iceland offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. From the vibrant city of Reykjavik to the remote reaches of the Midnight Sun, a camper van trip across this Nordic island promises an adventure like no other. Whether you're from the bustling cities of the United States or the serene landscapes of the Faroe Islands, Iceland's allure is universal.

Iceland camper van trip

Why choose Iceland for your camper van trip?

Iceland's unique geography, marked by spectacular waterfalls, black sand beaches, and towering glaciers, makes it an ideal destination for a road trip. The country's vastness and the sparse population mean that many of its wonders are best accessed by road, offering an unparalleled sense of freedom and exploration. For those flying in from the United States, the journey begins in Reykjavik, the capital city, which serves as the perfect gateway to Iceland's natural wonders.

Selecting the right camper van

Selecting the right camper van for your Iceland adventure is a crucial step in ensuring your trip is comfortable, enjoyable, and tailored to your travel needs. Here's a more detailed look into the process, focusing on factors like van types, amenities, and considerations for different types of travelers.

Types of camper van for icelandic tours

Types of camper vans

  1. Compact Mini-Vans: Ideal for solo travelers or couples with minimal luggage, compact mini-vans offer a cozy, economical option. These vans are typically equipped with basic sleeping arrangements and a simple kitchen setup, perfect for short stays or those who plan to spend most of their time exploring outdoors.

  2. Full-Sized Vans: For those planning longer trips or traveling with more than two people, a full-sized van provides additional space and comfort. These vans often come with more comprehensive amenities, including a more spacious sleeping area, an enhanced kitchenette, and sometimes even a dining space. Full-sized vans strike a balance between comfort and mobility, making them suitable for a wide range of travelers.

  3. 4x4 Campervans: Designed for the adventurous traveler looking to explore Iceland's rugged terrain, 4x4 campervans are equipped to handle F-roads that lead to the island's more remote and untouched landscapes. These vehicles offer the same amenities as full-sized vans but add the capability to navigate challenging terrains, opening up a whole new dimension of exploration.

Driving a campervan in Iceland

Key features to consider for your icelandic camper van trip

  • Sleeping Arrangements: Consider the layout and size of the bed. Some vans offer convertible seating that turns into a bed, while others have fixed beds. The choice depends on your preference for convenience versus space.

  • Kitchen Facilities: The kitchen setup can range from a simple stove and cooler to a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, sink, and cooking utensils. Decide based on your cooking preferences and the type of meals you plan to prepare.

  • Storage Space: Adequate storage is essential, especially for longer trips. Look for vans with smart storage solutions for your luggage, food supplies, and outdoor gear.

  • Heating and Insulation: Iceland's weather can be unpredictable, with cold nights even in summer. Opt for a van with a good heating system and insulation to ensure comfort throughout your trip.

  • Additional Amenities: Some vans come with extra features like WiFi, GPS navigation, and entertainment systems. While not essential, these can enhance your travel experience.

Choosing the right camper rental company

Companies like Camper Rental Iceland are renowned for their customer service, transparent pricing, and quality fleet. When selecting a rental company, consider the following:

  • Customer reviews: Look for feedback from previous customers to gauge the company's reliability and service quality.

  • Support services: Choose a company that offers comprehensive support, including roadside assistance and customer service availability.

  • Insurance and coverage: Understand the insurance options available to you and select a package that offers adequate protection for your journey.

Best time to visit Iceland

Timing your visit is crucial to experiencing what you seek in Iceland. The Midnight Sun illuminates the summer months, offering endless days for exploration, while the winter months offer the magical Northern Lights. Spring and fall strike a balance with more moderate weather and fewer tourists, though the weather can be unpredictable.

Navigating Iceland's roads

Iceland's roads

Driving in Iceland is an adventure in itself. With well-marked speed limits and the unique experience of one-lane bridges, it's a straightforward affair. Gas stations like N1 and Olís are not just places to refuel but also rare spots for restrooms in the remote landscape. Renting from companies like Camp Easy often includes discounts at these stations, making your journey a bit easier on the wallet.

Camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland

Camping is a highlight of the Iceland road trip experience. With numerous campgrounds across the country, you have the freedom to choose where to spend the night, under the stars or the Northern Lights. The summer months offer the widest selection of campgrounds, though many are available year-round. For a comprehensive guide on where to set up camp during your adventure, check out our list of the best campsites in Iceland.

Packing for your trip

Packing for an Iceland trip means preparing for all types of weather. Layers are essential, as is rain gear, given Iceland's unpredictable climate. Don't forget your quick-drying towel for those impromptu hot spring dips, weatherproof boots for the terrain, and, depending on the season, a sleeping mask or headlamp for the long days or nights.

Staying connected

Campervan trip in Iceland

While a paper map is sufficient for navigation, renting a WiFi hotspot can enhance your trip, allowing you to research, stay connected, and share your experiences in real-time. This connectivity, combined with the freedom of a camper van, ensures you can explore Iceland on your own terms.

People Also Ask

Is campervan in Iceland worth it?

Absolutely. Renting a campervan offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom, allowing you to explore Iceland's vast landscapes at your own pace. It's an investment in an unforgettable experience, blending adventure with the comforts of home.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Iceland?

While Iceland is known for its freedom, regulations require campervan travelers to use designated campgrounds or camping areas. This ensures both the preservation of Iceland's pristine nature and the comfort of your stay.

Is it cheaper to rent a campervan in Iceland?

Renting a campervan can be cost-effective compared to traditional travel methods. It combines transportation and accommodation, and allows for self-catering, saving on dining out. Prices vary by season and van type, so it's worth researching to find the best deal.

Can I park a campervan in Reykjavik?

In Reykjavik, you'll need to park your campervan in designated areas or campgrounds. The city has regulations to ensure that both residents and visitors enjoy the space harmoniously.

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