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Can You Travel Solo in Iceland?

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Iceland is a magical place where you can quickly use up all the adjectives meaning beautiful to describe how amazing this place is. It has become one of the hottest tourist attractions during the last few years for a reason. It is a real paradise for hunters of dreamlike views. Here where fire and ice meet, where days can last for 24 hours, and where the sky is coloured with the magical Northern Lights at night. Everyone who at least read or heard about Iceland desires to see it all on their own and visit Iceland at least once in their lifetime.

A male tourist who travel solo in Iceland doing a trekking in Landmannalaugar

I imagine some of you starting to prepare for the trip, making the itinerary, gathering all the necessary stuff, clothes and equipment, packing your bags and comparing things with the people in your life. But wait! What if there is no one to go on that adventure with? It does not have to ruin your trip because your best friends have no more vacation days, right? You can of course travel solo and we will show you why Iceland is the perfect place for a solo trip.

What is the best way to travel Iceland independently?

Always and invariably we will continue saying that the best way for travelling around Iceland is to rent an RV. What gives you more independence and flexibility than having your own car and being the captain of your own fate?

Those who already travelled to Iceland on their own and rented a car know exactly what I am talking about.

Even though organised trips can be comfortable and give you some free time at the main attractions, nothing gives you as much comfort as travelling whenever you want. The camper or motorhome that you decide to rent for your adventure is the most important decision as it will become your temporary home for those days in Iceland. Make sure you know the difference between the camper and a motorhome and choose the best insurance for your trip.

As you have probably heard already, wild camping in Iceland is forbidden so at the night you should plan to stay at a campsite. You can find them all around Iceland right on the main road called the Ring Road. As you are travelling solo, there is no need for a Campingcard here as you pay at the campsites per person, per night.

We do recommend renting an RV in advance using online search engines to avoid the stress associated with lack of availability when booking last minute at the Keflavik airport. For those who have never travelled to Iceland before, we have some safety driving tips here.

A tourist travelling solo in Iceland on Icelandic Ring Road

If you are a afraid of being alone, we have some good news. There will be lots of travellers everywhere, so if you feel like chatting one day, you will easily find some new friends here, especially in the peak season. Most attractions like the Golden Circle route are always packed unless you come here in winter time.

Iceland is a very popular tourist destination and so there are many travel companies offering day tours in different parts of the island even in winter time. If you are looking for extreme activities in Iceland, you can join a trip for the ice cave or glacier hiking which are always organised in small groups unless you buy a VIP tour.

You should also put the Blue Lagoon on your bucket list, which is one of the best and most famous hot springs in the world. Here travelling solo is another adventure, you can definitely relax and chill out. You can disconect for a moment which would not be possible if you were travelling in organised group.

Would it be easy for me to travel Iceland by myself?

There is nothing difficult about travelling solo in Iceland. I personally know a female traveller who did the whole Laugavegur trail on her own.

You should know that almost everyone in Iceland speaks English. This will definitely make things easier as you will be able to easily communicate anywhere you go. Some Icelanders also speak Danish and Norwegian.

Another thing about Icelanders that you should know is that they are very friendly and keen on making new friends. If you need any help or simply want to have a chat, do not be afraid and just go for it.

Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world. There was even a time when Icelanders did not  lock their houses at night. They used to leave their car keys inside the car and nothing ever happened. Although the situation is slightly different at the moment, it still remains a safe country with a very low crime rate.

For those who really enjoy adventure we have more good news. Hitchhiking in Iceland is legal and you can definitely go for this option. It helps you meet new people, can be necessary or even really fun. The Ring Road is easy to hitchhike along but getting off the road might be more complicated, especially in remote areas where almost no cars pass. If you decide to choose this type of a solo trip around Iceland, we do recommend stick ing to the main road. A huge advantage is that you will definitely save some money on a car rental and a gasoline. And it is usefull in an expensive country like Iceland. But you better start practising the pronunciation of the city names to be able to let people know where you are actually going!

Can You Travel Solo in Iceland?

Travelling opens our minds. This is even confirmed by research done by scientists. We travel more and more but few decide on a solo trip, especially solo female travel. No other trip though gives you so many benefits. Remember that solo does not have to mean alone. You already know that Icelanders are very positive people and will be very glad to make friends with you and have a chat if you need to. You are less likely to meet new people when you travel in a group or with a friend. You become more independent and well organised when you travel by yourself. You have no one else to think for you and you need to count on your own.

Female travelling solo in Iceland, watching the powerfull waterfall

You will also get to know yourself better. We know each other best in stressful and difficult situations. Only then do we see how to deal with them. A solo journey will certainly be full of adversities but when overcome them you will feel immense satisfaction. You will gain the necessary experience and knowledge will make your next trip to Iceland much easier and more pleasant.

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