When visiting different places in Iceland, you need to worry about finding accommodations each night... Not so when you have a camper or Motorhome!


We offer 8 different Motorhome & Campers for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 persons.

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Iceland is not a destination. It is an adventure. Travel to Iceland to experience the stunning Icelandic nature, the beauty of the rugged landscape and the creativity of the Icelandic people. Come to Iceland to enjoy your vacation, or find the perfect setting for your conference or your incentive trip. Let Iceland be your inspiration.

Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland

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Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
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Best Prices in Iceland
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Iceland Camper Rental



Taking a trip to the Land of Fire and Ice is the adventure of a lifetime for many. In a country famous for its natural beauty, every moment is a chance to discover something new. Getting an Iceland camper rental and taking a trip around the country’s Ring Road is probably the best way to experience everything our small Nordic island has to offer. Campers in Iceland are accessible, affordable, and fun. Moreover, what better way to get back to nature and enjoy the Great Outdoors?  


A large number of options for camper and motorhome rentals in Iceland means that you're spoiled for choice. You'll no doubt be able to find the perfect RV for your unforgettable journey whether you're a young couple on a special romantic trip, a group of friends exploring Iceland, or a large family taking a much-needed break during school holidays. There's something for everyone when camping in Iceland, and it's just a matter of finding the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and travel preferences. 


Benefits of camper rental in Iceland



There's a reason that many of the travelers spending time here opt for camper rental in Iceland. The long list of advantages convinces many to choose this option as both their means of transport and their accommodation. So why is renting a campervan in Iceland such a great idea? The first and most obvious reason is the price. In a country known for being expensive, one of the most economic ways to get around as a camper.  


For a little more than the daily cost of renting a car, you'll have both transportation and a place to stay. Your Icelandic krona will go much further because you're not spending it all on an expensive hotel. Additionally, you're able to cook your own meals at any time, which means that costly restaurants won't eat up a large portion of your budget. Many people underestimate just how much food costs while traveling here. Seasoned travelers know that you can save a lot of money by making your own breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  


The freedom and flexibility provided by traveling with a home on four wheels is another reason why people choose RV rental in Iceland. You wake up and start your day whenever you want, and drive for as much or as little as you feel like. You're not bound to hotel reservations and you set your own schedule and itinerary. There's no need to constantly pack and unpack your suitcase as you move from town to town. You can play things by ear more, like adding an extra stop or two on the Golden Circle route. 



Camping in Iceland



Whether you want to rent a camper or are considering a motorhome in Iceland, you're in for a very special treat. Camping in Iceland is the perfect way to see the country and get up close and personal with Mother Nature. Iceland has a robust camping infrastructure and large network of campsites. The facilities include bare-bones sites like Skógar camping,  where you can wake up to the sound of a waterfall. There are also places that have restaurants, a pool, and free Wi-Fi, like the Reykjavik campsite.  


Be sure to pick up the Iceland Camping Card to get discounts on your overnight stays at the campgrounds. It's valid for 28 days from the date of first use and the longer you stay, the more value you get out of it. You can purchase it online or at participating campsites. 


4x4 Camper Rental in Iceland



So should you get a regular camper or a 4x4 camper for your travels? Well, it all depends on your itinerary. If you're only planning on going around the Ring Road and sticking to paved highways, then you'll do just fine with a regular camper van model. If, however, you plan on venturing into the country's wild interior, you're going to need something a little more rugged. There are special roads in this part of the country that require a particular type of vehicle.  


F-roads, as these mountain roads are known, are unpaved gravel paths. There are lots of little stones, and driving on these types of terrain is not always easy.  Icelandic Law requires anyone to navigating these F-roads to use a four-wheel-drive car, camper, or SUV.  


Not every camper van has four-wheel drive. In fact, many models are two-wheel drive. If you plan on exploring the Highlands or Iceland’s F-roads, you'll need a Camper 4x4 Auto, Camper 4x4 Big Automatic, or something similar. Your camper van rental in Iceland 4x4 will take you anywhere you want to go. And with a four-wheel drive, you'll have no limits.  If you're concerned about driving safely or winter driving, a 4WD camper rental in Iceland could be the right choice to give you that extra peace of mind. After all, what if the unthinkable happens and you hit a patch of black ice and start to skid out? In a land covered by ice and snow for much of the year, it's comforting knowing that you'll have steering of all four wheels. This will help you get things back under control as quickly as possible.  


Camper rentals in Reykjavik, Iceland



Camper Rental Iceland has offices right at the Iceland airport, so you can pick up your camper as soon as you land. Keflavik International Airport (KEF) is the gateway to all travelers visiting Iceland. It's close to Reykjavik and the Reykjavik campsite, which means you don't need to arrange additional transportation to the city center. 


Campers on offer at Camper Rental Iceland



As a family run, locally-owned business, we've been around for a long time, and we know the Iceland camper rental market very well. As a result, we're able to give our clients the lowest prices and best customer service available. If you're looking for Iceland camper rental cheap,  then look no further. We offer competitive pricing with new models and take pride in the service we provide to our customers.  Our wide selection of campers and motorhomes range from two-person campers to larger motorhomes that fit up to six. With the freedom to roam in the right camper or motorhome, you got all the ingredients for the ultimate Iceland camping adventure.  



Do I need a credit card for RV camper rental in Iceland?



This is a great question and one we get asked frequently. It's standard procedure that when you pick up your RV camper rental in Iceland, they take an imprint of your card. This is true for all of the companies here. They will usually not block a deposit, but ask just in case. Instead, your credit card  information is used when, if for some reason, there are additional charges to your rental. This includes unpaid parking fines, speeding tickets, or damage to your vehicle not covered by your rental insurance package. 


Other concerns and frequently asked questions



Campers and motorhomes are larger than regular cars or SUVs. This causes many people to wonder whether or not they need a special license to drive one. With a few special exceptions, the answer is no. So while it's helpful to have a little bit of experience with driving a larger vehicle, a special license is usually not necessary. Exceptions come with countries that have different standard weight limits for drivers or licenses that are not printed with the Roman alphabet.  


Another frequently asked question is what is the speed limit in Iceland. If you're driving on the Ring Road in rural, unpopulated areas, you can go up to 90 km/h (56 mph). When driving on unpaved roads or in residential areas you'll need to slow down to 80 km/h (50 mph) and 50 km/h (31 mph) respectively.  


If you're still wondering if an RV rental in Iceland is right for you, please check out our frequently asked questions page and Iceland camper blog. And if you're ready to make a reservation, take a look at our models or reach out to contact us. We're sure you'll have the trip of a lifetime and look forward to helping you plan it. 


Motorhome Iceland - Motorhome Rental Iceland - Campervan Iceland
Motorhome Iceland - Motorhome Rental Iceland - Campervan Iceland
Motorhome Iceland - Motorhome Rental Iceland - Campervan Iceland
Motorhome Iceland - Motorhome Rental Iceland - Campervan Iceland

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