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Camper Rental Iceland
Camper Rental Iceland
Helping people discover Iceland


My name is Berglind Lilja K. and I am the manager of this family-owned company. Camper Rental Iceland don't just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. We have an in-depth knowledge of Iceland and we will advise you on what Camper or Motorhome will best suit your travel plans.


The foundation of our family business is the high level of Customer Service we provide. We believe that the process of renting, collecting, driving, and returning a motorhome or camper should be a smooth and painless as possible.


Our management team quickly saw the need for Motorhome & Camper rentals in Iceland and did all that they could to deliver the quality service that Camper Rental Iceland is now known for.


Berglind Lilja K.

Sales Manager

+354 539 06 05

Camper Rental Iceland 


Camper Rental Iceland
Camper Rental Iceland

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