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Frequently Asked Questions

Campervan Iceland
Campervan Iceland
1. How do I book a Camper or Motorhome?



You can get an instant price quote on our website in seconds, using a simple

3-step process:




- Choose your travel dates and times.

- Select the locations for pick-up and return.

- Select the vehicle best suited to the size and needs of your group.

- Please be aware that collection and return service times depend on your vehicle selection.

- Choose any extras you may want to add on, get your price quote, and then click “Continue.”




- Add your personal information and contact details in the form provided.

- When setting pick-up and return locations, you need to be sure to provide us with flight details or the name and address of your hotel.

- You will be shown the amount required to make the reservation, which is generally 15%-20% of the total rental cost.

- Click “confirm and pay.”




-  Reservation can be completed via our website and through our secure payment system at

- Complete your credit card info and select “pay.” Once complete, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment and reservation details.


Let us know if you have questions about this at

2. What do I need to know?



- The minimum age requirement for rental is 20-25, depending on the vehicle that you choose. Regardless of age, your driving license needs to have been valid for a minimum of 1 year.


- The majority of our vehicles have a minimum rental duration of between 3 days and 1 week. Reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance of pick up, and 96 hours in advance during the summer months.


- In order to secure reservation, you need only leave a deposit of 15% or 20% of the total rental price. You may pay the remaining balance up to 2-4 months before your rental date, or when you arrive in Iceland to collect the vehicle.


- When you return the vehicle, please ensure that you do so with the fuel tank on full.


- It takes a good deal longer to ready a motorhome for rental than it does a car. It can take hours to clean the motorhome and check all the mechanics. This is why certain vehicles cannot be guaranteed to arrive from the supplier as the exact time requested by the client. In these types of situations, Camper Rental Iceland will let the renter know of any changes made by the supplier.

3. What do I get included with the rental price that I pay?





- Unlimited mileage.

- Comprehensive insurance with excess CDW

- Pots, pans, cookware, dishes and cutlery

- Linen, pillows, duvet or sleeping bags (only for Campers)

- CD/MP3 player. USB connection (only for certain models)

- Local taxes.

- 24/7 breakdown cover in case of mechanical failure.


Not included:


- Additional Insurance SCDW, GP, TP or Premium.

- Additional Drivers (included in certain models).

- Additional Equipment: GPS, baby seat etc...

- Fuel during your journey.

4. Do I need to get additional insurance, and if so, what do you recommend?



- When you go through the booking process, you will see a list of insurance options for each vehicle.


- We recommend that you select GP (gravel protection) and SCDW (super collision damage waiver). Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each to get the full details of each insurance type.

5. What documents do I need to show when picking up a vehicle?



- Photo ID (passport) of the person hiring, a valid (at least 1 year old) driving license, and a valid credit card issued to at least one member of the traveling party.


- If you plan on having more than one driver, please make sure that their information is completed in Step 3. All drivers will need to show valid photo ID and a driving license.


- All of the vehicles offered at Camper Rental Iceland can be operated by persons with a valid category B driving license.


- Iceland gladly recognizes driving licenses from EU countries and beyond. All category B licenses from EU and International countries will be considered acceptable if they are printed in Latin characters, or are in English, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.


- Be aware that in Iceland you will always be required to provide a credit card as a financial guarantee. Generally speaking, all you need to do is show us the car so that we can get the information. The ONLY time we will deduct funds from the credit card is if there is damage to the vehicle. Depending on the model you rent, you may also be required to leave a guarantee deposit.


If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the rental process, please feel free to contact customer service.

6. Is motorhome rental available during the winter months in Iceland?



Even the residents of Iceland find navigating the roads in winter months to be challenging. It is for that reason that you need to drive very carefully between April and September. With us, You can rent a camper all year round, though.


Full availability details can be found by visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

7. How do I go about collecting my vehicle after arriving at the airport? 



- Office Pick up: Our office is within 3 minutes walking distance from the terminal (we will send you a map after your booking). Airport VIP: When you step into the main arrivals hall, a representative will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it. 


- Your booking confirmation will contain all the pertinent details, so be sure to print off a copy to carry with you.


- Once you have completed payment of the remaining balance and signed the rental agreement, you can collect your vehicle.


- Our representative will take the time to explain how best to return your vehicle. Please pay attention to the instructions.


- There are only certain times at which vehicles can be collected and returned. Take note of these times when you are booking your vehicle.


As much as we do all that we can to accommodate the collection and drop off times you request, we are often at the mercy of the supplier. This is because of the added time it takes to clean and check the mechanics if the motorhomes. We will try our best to make you aware of any such delays beforehand.

8. When driving in Iceland, what are the most common accident and vehicle damage issues I might encounter?



- Bumper damage is very common, especially while operating the vehicle in reverse.

- Driving too fast or losing grip on gravel and mountain roads.

- Stray animals, usually sheep, on the road.

- Loss of grip or traction on unpaved and icy roads.

- Not paying attention to the road when viewing scenery.

- Tiredness brought on by excess of summer daylight hours.

- Car door damage caused when opening them in high winds.

- Not realizing that you are riding on a flat or punctured tyre. This leads to potential wheel damage.

9. Do you offer roadside assistance?



- Yes!


Every one of our customers has access to free 24/7 roadside assistance. You will find the telephone number included in your rental agreement. It is important to call as soon as you encounter a problem, as we can then get help out to you ASAP.

10. Is it possible to cancel my reservation?



- Yes, absolutely.


- No cancellation fee will be applied as long as you make the cancellation at least 30 days prior to the date you are due to collect the vehicle.


It should be noted that your credit card company may charge you a small commission fee. If the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the collection date, or you fail to show up, you will lose the 50% of the booking.


- The above details applies to campers, but you can also cancel motorhomes at any time, although you will lose the booking fee when doing so. In certain circumstances you may be able to use that amount as a discount if booking during the next 12 months.


For Motorhome 2, 3, 4, ECO and 6: Cancellations made up to 30 days in advance will result in a fee equaling 30% of the total rental fee. Cancelling 7 days or less in advance of the rental date will result in a fee equal to 100% of the rental cost. The same rules apply for no-shows.ur booking

11. Can you recommend a vehicle to suit my specific needs?



Yes, we most certainly can. We know how difficult it can be to travel to a place that you know little about. As such, our group of professionals have been trained to advise you based on factors such as your route, party size, length of trip, and a number of other key elements.


The information contained on our website should answer any questions that you may have. If you can’t find what you need, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.

If you want to rent a car in Iceland we recommend you Reykjavík Auto, our sister company.

Campervan Iceland
Campervan Iceland
Campervan Iceland
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