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4x4 Camper in Iceland: Your Pass to F- Roads

Updated: May 4

Iceland is undoubtedly a beautiful country, with landscapes that look like those in postcards, powerful waterfalls, and amusing Northern Lights shows. A country full of powerful waterfalls, geysers, and endless lava fields ignites the hearts and minds of thousands of tourists. For many, a trip to Iceland is a journey of a lifetime, unforgettable and unique. For some, it takes years to prepare the itinerary and gather a proper budget as the island is not exactly in the list of the top cheapest destinations. It is understandable; they want to see as much as possible and, if achievable, circle the whole island. The best way to fulfill your Icelandic adventure expectations is to rent a campervan for your trip. If you want to explore the remote areas of Iceland and go a bit off the beaten track, you should go for a 4x4 camper van rental in Iceland!

4x4 campers in the Highlands of Iceland

Places like Landmannalaugar, which you could only see on the photos so far, are now within easy reach. All you need is to choose a good camper van for your trip, plan an itinerary and hit the road! The possibility to visit the far-off places of the interior of Iceland will make your trip complete and will give you unforgettable memories.

4x4 camper rental in Iceland

Iceland is divided into five different regions. One of them is the Highlands, also known as the heart of Iceland. The Icelandic Highlands is located in the central part of the island and hides the most amazing views and landscapes. It is an inhabited and desert part of the island where very little vegetation can be found. That makes it look like the landscapes are from out of this planet. The Highlands are not easily accessible and if you put them on your bucket list, your trip needs some more preparation. Especially when it comes to the campervan you will rent for your journey.

The roads in the highlands are called F-roads; they are unpaved and mostly gravel roads. These are only open a few months, which are usually those in the summertime. They remain closed for the remainder of the year due to the harsh climate there. The roads become impassable during the winter. To be able to access this mysterious part of Iceland, you will need to go for a 4x4 camper van no matter what.

The RV rental companies in Iceland have a wide offer of different campers which will make it easier to find the one that meets your needs, either manual or automatic. Most rental companies state if their campers are allowed to be driven on F-roads, if not, search in the description box for a four-wheel-drive system option or contact the customer service.

A man having rest in his 4x4 camper in Iceland

The campers are built on different models but have some characteristics in common. You will be able to sleep in the vehicle, will have a space to seat and a tiny dining area, as well as a gas stove where you can prepare your meals. Make sure you choose the right camper van model for your trip with enough seats and seat belts. Check for the best possible insurance, especially as you will be traveling on gravel roads of Icelandic Highlands, where it is easier to get dents and scratches on the body of the vehicle. Adding a standard Gravel Protection insurance is a complete must, so you can lower or even waive a self-risk fee, which you would be obligated to pay in case of any issue. Insurance is precisely something you should not skimp on while in Iceland.

Drive a 4x4 camper in Iceland

Driving a 4x4 camper van in Iceland is not much different from driving a regular 2wd camper. The major difference is that you will be able to travel more freely and have access to every part of the island. There are, of course, some safety rules you should follow. Driving on gravel roads in Iceland is challenging and requires previous preparation. Apart from following the road signs and the restrictions regarding the speed limits, the important thing is using your common sense! Even though the sign indicates you can drive 60km per hour, it does not mean you need to reach 60 km exactly. Many of the gravel roads in Iceland are solid and easy to pass, but unfortunately, not all of them are in such good condition. Be prepared then for curved and narrow roads with many loose stones, including some big rocks and potholes. That, when driving inattentively, can be hazardous. Slow down and drive with caution!

Remember to keep to the right side when approaching blind spots, which are very common on F-roads in the Highlands. When overpassing another car, slow down or even stop for a moment to avoid any contact between the two vehicles.

The weather is another important factor that can easily ruin your 4x4 camper van trip around Iceland. Having a 4x4 vehicle does not mean that you can travel on F-roads regardless of the weather. Remember that you should always check the weather and road conditions; this can change drastically in Iceland within a few hours in the Highlands. In case of any safety alerts, you should not be driving, and it is better to postpone your journey to the Highlands.

A view from the open door in a 4x4 camper in Iceland

Be aware that Iceland is a small, but a very windy island. It especially applies to those who are renting one of those campers with a rooftop tent; it might be dangerous to open it up with strong wind gales. Check with your RV rental company for any tips and advice and any instruction you might need during your 4x4 camper van trip.

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