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How to Get the Best Deals on Your RV Rental in Iceland

Updated: May 8, 2019

RV rental for your road trip in Iceland is an interesting way to discover the island. It is definitely the most convenient way to explore the hidden pearls of our country especially because public transport is not well developed. With your home on wheels you can literally visit each corner of Iceland. It gives you a sense of freedom and flexibility. We have already spoken about RV rentals in our previous post so if you need to refresh your knowledge, please have a look here.

We decided to help you find out how to get the best deals for your RV rental in Iceland. It will help you plan your trip and save money, which is the most important thing when you are travelling on budget. You will avoid misunderstandings and any additional costs.

A man hand gathering coins together, saving money on getting best deals on Rv rental in Iceland

1. Start your research online

Iceland is an expensive destination and we are all aware of that. In this case every penny counts so looking for best deals for your RV rental in Iceland can be a life saver. With the increasing popularity of the island, new rental companies are emerging. It is worth it to compare them before choosing the final one. Check other’s customers reviews and carefully analyze their offer. You should start by searching online. Most of the car rental companies in Iceland already appear in search engines so you can easily check their fleet, equipment of the vehicles and prices. Renting a car in Iceland has never been easier!

2. Check for early birds discounts

This point is basically connected with our first tip. Many campervan and motorhome rental companies in Iceland offer early bird discounts if you book your vehicle online. Others offer some special deals if you book a certain number of days. If you cannot see any information, about their current promotions, simply shoot them an email or give them a call. It is always worth it to ask.

3. Avoid renting at the airport

This will probably seem obvious for those who have already travelled abroad and rented a car or a campervan. The costs of rental from the offices directly at the airport are much more expensive. In Iceland most of the RV rental companies are located at the just outside Keflavik International airport and offer free shuttle from the terminal to the depot. You will find a free shuttle bus departing from the airport every 15 minutes. This is the perfect option for those who want to head the road directly after arriving to Iceland.

Airlines passengers goind down the airport in car rental ofices direction

For those who would like to relax after a long flight, we do recommend to taking a dip and getting a massage at the nearby Blue Lagoon first and pick up the car well rested.

For those who plan to visit the capital first we have a good news, you can pick up and drop off your car in Reykjavik. Check first to see if this option is free of charges to avoid any surprises.

4. With enough notice

The earlier you book, the better price you will get. Simple and easy. Do not wait till the last moment. There are a few companies that offer last minute promotions and if you give them less than 24 hours notice, you will most probably find out they are fully booked. You wouldn’t like to be with no car for your trip in Iceland right? Beware that travelling with an RV  in Iceland became very popular and you should book your vehicle at least few months in advance.

Off- season rates will be much lower than peak season. As mentioned before Iceland is an expensive country but when the season is over which is more or less end of Septemer till early May, the prices are descreasing. Some of the rentals can be even 50% cheaper. If you can take your vacation days whenever you want, I would definitely go for the off-season months.

5. Cheaper doesn’t mean better

You will definitely want to get a nice, well-maintained vehicle for your trip. Getting a best deal for your RV rental in Iceland doesn;t have to mean to get the cheapest option. You would like to appear that you have booked a car which is not fully functional technically-wise. If you already decided on a certain company, check the reviews and opions of their previous customers. You will want to get high-quality customer service and be sure that you will be helped inmediately if any issue arises.

A Female tourist checking with the agetn for bes deals on RV rental in Iceland

All right, so you have rented a car or an RV already and now what? Remember to check the exact equipment and extras included. The most important is the isnurance you will receive for your rental vehicle. Remember that roads in Iceland are challenging and you should invest in extra insurance to get as much coverage as possible and have a safe trip. Beware that 50% of our roads even some parts of the Ring Road are gravel and you can easily receive small damages tot he body of the car. Small, but expensive.

6. Read the terms and conditions

We know there are people who tend to make bookings without reading the terms and conditions. Please make sure you do read them to avoid any surprises upon pick up.

In case you are not sure of your dates, make sure you know the cancellation policy and in case you need to cancel your trip, let the rental company know with enough notice. There is always a certain grace period when you can let them know and cancel the booking at no cost. Usually it is at least 7 to 15 days prior to arrival so you can be entitled for the refund.

7. Make sure you will use the right card upon pick up.

Some of the local companies request a deposit which will be blocked on your credit card. If you do not have one and will be forced to use a debit card instead, check if there are any additional fees for that. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a card with all your funds blocked on it and with no money for Icelandic adventure right?

A view of an RV going down the road towards Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland

8. Get the fuel discount card

The cost of fuel in Iceland is comparable to other countries. If you want to get the best deal on your RV rental, you will definitely want to save some money on that too, right? Many RV rental companies offer a fuel discount card. How does it work? Very simply, it is a prepaid card for a certain brand gasoline station where you can get a discount on each litre of the gasoline or diesel. Remember to check if your rental company includes that in the package.

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