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Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon: General Information

Updated: Aug 9

The Blue Lagoon Spa is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. However, its fame goes beyond the country's borders, and it is well known even in other parts of the world. No wonder why; it is usually one, if not the main stop, on every tourists' bucket list. Beautiful milky-blue water is making a great contrast with the surrounding black lava fields covered in moss. The Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly a unique spa for you to visit. Not many, however, know that the Icelandic Blue Lagoon is not only a geothermal pool and spa. It offers much more than that. Besides the swimming pool, souvenir shops, and coffee shops, there is also a restaurant here. In this post, we will focus on the Lava Restaurant in the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon and Lara Restaurant are the most famous in Iceland

Blue Lagoon: Iceland's Top Geothermal Spa

Before dining, let's get to know the spa a little bit more. The Blue Lagoon is a large spa filled with geothermal water whose temperature reaches approximately 39 degrees Celsius. And that is just perfect for a bath.

The geothermal spa is located in South Iceland, in a town called Grindavik, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is only 20 minutes driving distance from Keflavik International Airport. The perfect distance for a quick visit for any traveler coming to Iceland. On the other hand, Reykjavik is around a 40 minutes drive away from the spa. Although further, the acces to the spa from the capital city is quite easy.

The simplest way to get to the Blue Lagoon is by car. There is large parking in front of the complex, where you can leave your rental vehicle. If you are not planning to rent a vehicle in Iceland, or your visit to the spa is after or before your rental drop off, you can get here by bus or taxi as well. Many travel agents offer an organized one-day-tour to Blue Lagoon, providing you with transport and a spa ticket.

Facilities at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon spa offers much more than just a swim. You can enjoy other facilities and services. Among them, you can have a massage while in the warm waters, silica masks, and other skin treatments. The geothermal water of the Blue Lagoon has any beneficial properties for your body and skin. It is well known that the minerals hidden in the water can soothe many skin diseases and respiratory problems and are suitable for people with blood pressure issues.

The Blue Lagoon is also well known for its simple and minimalist architecture. The architecture of the buildings fits perfectly into the landscape and the surrounding views. Its structure is created in accordance with sustainable development, with no disturbance to the original landscapes, which are the lava fields and vast rock formations.

The parking lot is situated a few hundred meters away from the main entrance. That means you will have to go through a lava short valley. This will be a brief introduction of what is to come later in the spa. There are no car or bus noises near the building, which could disrupt the place's silence. During the night, the path is illuminated, which only adds charm to this place. This place's architecture wanted the guests to experience this type of landscape, even before entering the spa's waters.

Lava Restarant is located at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Why is the Blue Lagoon so famous?

The place itself is worth being visited. However, the National Geographic magazine has its part in making the Blue Lagoon so famous too. It described the spa as one of the 25 Wonders of the World. It is now one of the top resorts in the world every tourist must visit.

You can check more details about the visit to Blue Lagoon, and the whole organization in our previous post here.

We now want to focus on a Lava Restaurant, the Blue Lagoon's Gourmet Dining, in this post.

Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon

After spending a day in the Blue Lagoon, enjoying its beneficial properties, it is time to have something to eat. The Lava Restaurant is located inside the spa complex, and it is a beautiful and unique place.

It seems like in such charming scenery, everything can taste delicious. And this is the case of the Lava Restaurant. Its food and fine wine attract hundreds of guests who are not discouraged even by the high prices.

The whole restaurant is very spacious. The high window makes you feel like your dining area is integrated with the exterior, directly with the spa. This way, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the lagoon while having your meal. The wall made of lava rocks brings the climate of the spa inside the restaurant. The restaurant was actually built on a lava rock and behind the windows stretching to the ceiling, you can see the lava cliff and the lagoon's blue water.

The restaurant is casual, so you do not need to worry about dressing super elegant while visiting it. Until 16 pm, you are even allowed to dine in your spa robes. It is trendy among the Blue Lagoon's guests, so if you want to avoid unavailabilities, make sure you book a table in advance, especially if you plan to enjoy your meal with family or friends, as you will need more than two seats at the table.

The restaurant is open every day from 11:30am, starting with lunch. Then, from 17pm to 21pm it serves dinner.

Lava Restaurant Menu

The menu of the Lava rock restaurant includes seafood and local cuisine. You can choose between a two or a three-course meal option. You also have an Icelandic gourmet menu at your disposal, which includes seafood and vegetarian menu. Everyone can find here something that will fit their taste.

Even though the restaurant's climate is casual and there is no dress code here, Lava Restaurant is quite exclusive, which can quickly be confirmed by checking its prices. As I have already mentioned above, the prices are quite high, the price of the main course can match the Spa entry ticket price. Despite this, It is worth it. If you can save up some extra money, try to book a table at this Lava Restaurant to have the 360 spa experience!

As the menu mainly includes traditional Icelandic ingredients, it is a perfect place to try the typical cuisine. During the evening all the starters are at the same price of 2900 ISK. Main course is served at 5900 ISK. If you visit the restaurant in a larger group, you will also have the possibility to order a four-course meal for your whole table for 10.300 ISK.

The lunch menu will be a bit cheaper. Starters are at 2700 ISK, main courses from 4500 ISK - 4900 ISK. The two-course menu is 6600 ISK, and a three-course dinner will cost you 7600 ISK.

Apart from the food, you can also order a wine that combines perfectly with your meal.

Plate in Lava Restaurant in Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The Blue lagoon restaurant menu is regularly changing, depending on the season as well. Some of the courses, however, remain always on the menu. The typical Icelandic ingredients like lamb, arctic knuckle, vegetables, lobster, cod, and beef and dairy products like skyr will never disappear.

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