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What to See and Do in the Trollaskagi Peninsula

Updated: May 20

Iceland undoubtedly belongs to one of those countries where every corner hides impressive landscapes. One of those countries that makes you want to take a photo of every single place you visit. Wherever you go, beautiful and unique landscapes show up, leaving you in awe.

Even though Iceland has many places to visit, just like any destination, some areas deserve to be highlighted. Places that you must not miss, one of those is the Trollaskagi Peninsula.

A view on the Siglufjordur fjord in the Trollaskagi Peninsula

There are certain areas located on the wild side of Iceland. And not necessarily located in the Highlands so no need to worry about the F-roads. Many of those tend to be forgotten and set aside. However, these off the beaten track stops are more than worth a visit.

That is the Trollaskagi Peninsula, a place whose name only made it to the front by the end of the XIX century. It translates to "The Troll Peninsula," so keep your eyes wide open; you may see them wandering across the deep valleys and glaciers of this region.

The region's name might not sound familiar to most of you. Until we tell you this is where the city of Akureyri is located. That indeed rings a bell now. Let's find out more about the Trollaskagi Peninsula and this area full of hidden gems.

Where is the Trollaskagi Peninsula located?

The Trollaskagi Peninsula is located in the North of Iceland between the two fjords: Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður. Beyond the Highlands, this is the highest elevated area in Iceland. Its mountainous interior is home to the Kerling peak, which, with its 1538 meters above sea level, is the highest one in the Peninsula. Many mountains in this area exceed the 1000 meters above sea level. The ideal place for hiking and climbing fans!

In the North part of the Peninsula, you will find Ólafsfjörður, Héðinsfjörður, and Siglufjörður fjords. Due to the geographic location, the interior of the Peninsula is not easily accessible. It is also due to the poor infrastructure in this area. The main route, which is Road no 1, known as Ring Road, runs through the southern part of the Peninsula.

Attractions in Trollaskagi Peninsula

What attracts tourists the most to this area are the mountains, skiing, and other extreme activities in general. Visitors are also attracted by the geological magnetism of this place and the small towns located in the area. Hofsos, Dalvik, and Akureyri are the most popular towns and well-known villages here.


Akureyri is one of the most visited towns in the Trollaskagi Peninsula

Akureyri is always the one where all the tourists head to first. It is the second-largest town in Iceland and the capital of the North. You will be able to enjoy everything that a modern city can offer: cafes, restaurants, hotels, and local festivals. In the wintertime, the most significant attraction is the ski resort located nearby.

You will also find fantastic architecture here. The first to be mentioned is, of course, the Akureyrarkirkja church. With its tall pillars and long steps, it became an icon of Akureyri.

The whale watching tours also top-rated in Akureyri, and you will be able to find many different boat tours. It is worth saying that in this area, you will be able to see around 20 other species of whales.

Now it is time to move further and check out other attractions of the Trollaskagi Peninsula.


Hofsos' swimming pool is one of the most famous among tourists coming to Iceland. You will find it on many top hot springs lists! It is spectacular! It has no edges, which makes you feel like you are directly swimming in the Atlantic ocean. You will also find here smaller hot tubs where you can relax while admiring the view over the Siglufjörður fjord.


Another worth-seeing attraction in this part of Iceland is the Herring Museum, located in Siglufjörður. You will be able to get to know the history of the herring fishery and all its processing industry. During the winter, you will need to arrange the visit in advance by contacting the museum directly.


While traveling around the Trollaskagi Peninsula, you cannot miss Holar. The small town is located in the Hjaltadalur valley.

Holar has a great history. It used to be the capital of the North, before Akureyri. Holar was also one of the two bishoprics in Iceland. The church of Holar is one of the oldest stone churches in Iceland. Beside the church stands the 27 meters tower, which was built on the 400th Anniversary of the death of the last catholic bishop, Jón Arason. It is open for visitors, so do not miss the chance of going up to the church bell.

Church in Holar is one of the main attractions in the Trollaskagi Peninsula

At Holar, you will also be able to see the typical Icelandic turf houses. The Nyibaer New Farm was built in 1860 and now belongs to the National Museums of Iceland.

There are also some lovely hiking trails in the surroundings which you can take. One of them is going up to the Gvendarskál mountain, where one of the bishops at Holar used to go to pray. The view from the top is breathtaking and worth the effort. The trails are not too hard, but the final section gets rocky and somewhat sloppy, so do not forget your trekking shoes!

If you are still eager to know more about this area of Iceland, and wish to do so while learning from expert guides, be sure to check the best tours from, to and around the Trollaskagi Peninsula. There's so much to see and so here, you won't regret it!

Hotels in the Trollskagi Peninsula

If you are planning to stay in the area for longer, there are several hotels that you can stay in. The place that deserves to be mentioned is Deplar Farm. One of the most intimate and unique places to stay in North Iceland.

It offers to its visitors' cozy suites, a spa, restaurant, and amazing views on surrounding mountains. All the meals are included, and some free of charge activities are offered. An open pool with geothermally heated water is just the cherry on top!

Incredible landscape in Siglufjordur in the Trollaskagi Peninsula

Those who are traveling with RV will have several options for campsites. Those are located in Dalvik, Siglufjordur, and Olafsfjordur.

Dalvik campsite has a fantastic view of the mountains. Along with all the necessary facilities like toilets and showers, it is one of the best choices. You will also be able to use the electricity at the camping area and drain and refill the water tanks in your RV.

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