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Should I Get the Prepaid Gas Card in Iceland?

Updated: May 3

Iceland is a phenomenon in terms of landscape diversity. There is no doubt about that. Here you will find vast areas where you can drive kilometers without coming across any other human beings. The Land of Fire and Ice is full of active volcanoes, hot springs and is the land of the Northern Lights. It may be risky to say but I bet there is no single person who came to Iceland and did not enjoy it.

We previously talked about Iceland being a perfect country for a road trip. That is definitely the best way of travelling the island and the one which gives you most possibility of seeing as much as possible.

Driving in Iceland with a prepaid gas card is more convenient

In our last post we spoke about the prices in Iceland and were wondering if Iceland is an expensive country for travelers. The answer was yes. It should not stop you though from coming here as that would be a much of a waste. We are trying to give you as much advice on different topics as possible. You can check here how to get the best deals on RV rental in Iceland. In this post we would like to speak about the prepaid gas card you can get in Iceland which you can use instead of your credit card.

Gas stations in Iceland: credit card payments

You should know that Iceland is a country which could be called “credit card friendly”. You can make card payments basically everywhere, even in the small, local shops credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

An important note about gas stations. Some of them only accept credit cards, so do not be surprised if it is not accepted. Knowing your PIN number is another important tip, you will need to know it and put it on the chip and pin machine to make a purchase. Most people only associate a PIN number with a debit card but they are also issued for credit cards. Regardless of the type of card you will be using to pay for the gas in Iceland, you will need your PIN number.

Cost of gas in Iceland

There is good news here! All the gas stations in Iceland have roughly the same price for gas. I would like to give you the advice to fill up your fuel tank whenever you have the opportunity. There are many highway sections in Iceland including the well-known Ring Road where you will not find any gas station for a long time.

The average cost of one litre of gasoline is around 228 ISK (1.86 USD). You can find updated Iceland gasoline prices here. Fuel taxes are quite high in Iceland. If you are driving around Iceland you should check the average fuel consumption of your rental vehicle. It will help you estimate the budget for your trip.

Some gas stations in Iceland are located far from the cities so it is worth filling in the tank in advance using the prepaid gas card

Iceland prepaid gas card

Another piece of good news. We can help you save money on fuel cost. The well known gasoline N1 stations offer prepaid cards which make it cheaper when buying gas. How does it work? Very simple. You get the card and charge it with the amount you wish (3.000 kr. 5.000 kr. or 10.000 kr.) and just use it at one of the many N1 gas stations around Iceland for gasoline and other products. You will save the commission on your credit card for paying abroad and if you do not have a credit card, it will work just fine. It also speeds up the process of getting the gas and you will not stress out if your debit card will work or not.

Remember that you need to know the PIN number to use your credit card in Iceland. The N1 prepaid card is also a good solution for those who do not know their PIN number.

As mentioned already, some of the gas stations in Iceland do not even accept other cards rather than credit cards. This is the case if you return your rental vehicle at the Keflavik airport. The pumps that are there only accept credit card.

Some of the gas stations might be closed especially on Sunday, which could be troublesome. Having the N1 card, you can fill up the tank whenever you want as it it operational 24/7.

Remember that the balance on the card is non refundable. It is worth to check your balance with the staff at the gas station so you make sure you use it all.

Where to buy prepaid gas cards in Iceland

The N1 prepaid card has many advantages. It will make your life easier if you do not have a credit card, or you do not know its PIN number, it will let you use the automatic pumps even when the gas stations are closed. And the most important thing.  If your bank charges the commission for payments made abroad, you will avoid that, and save that money.

We already know that it is very useful and worth having.

We should now know where to get one right? You can get one at any N1 gas station or in supermarkets. When stocking up for your Icelandic adventure, ask the staff in the supermarket if they sell them so you do not need to go around searching for a gas station.

Should I Get the Prepaid Gas Card in Iceland?

Buying the gasoline with a prepaid gas card in Iceland is easier and faster

The prepaid gas card in Iceland is definitely worth having. It will make your life easier. We always recommend to get one for your trip in Iceland. This one and the camping card should definitely be in your pocket.

Iceland is a beautiful and unique country, the last thing you need on your trip is to be fighting with the pumps that do not let you pay with the standard debit card. It is just waste of time which you could be using for what is really important - exploring the Land of Fire and Ice. It will optimize your time as well, which is another big advantage. You shouldn’t be spending much time on the gas stations, so just fill in the tank, pay with your prepaid gas card and continue the Icelandic adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions about Prepaid Gas Card in Iceland

Do you need a gas card in Iceland?

No, you don't necessarily need a gas card in Iceland as most gas stations accept credit cards. However, having a prepaid gas card can be convenient, especially for travelers wanting to manage their budget or in case of credit card issues.

What is a fuel discount card in Iceland?

A fuel discount card in Iceland is a special card offered by various gas station chains that provides users with discounts on fuel purchases. These cards are often free and can be obtained at gas stations or through rental car companies.

Can you pay for gas in Iceland with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay for gas in Iceland using a credit card. Most gas stations in Iceland are equipped with automated fuel dispensers that accept international credit cards. However, it's advisable to have a PIN for your credit card as it's often required.

What travel card is best for Iceland?

The best travel card for Iceland depends on your spending habits and travel plans. Credit cards that offer rewards for travel and dining and have no foreign transaction fees are generally a good choice. Prepaid gas cards and fuel discount cards can also be beneficial for savings on fuel.

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