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Camper Heating System: What to Expect

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Iceland is a country full of hidden pearls. In every corner, there is a breathtaking natural wonder. Every time you think you have already seen everything during your road trip, Iceland will gladly prove you wrong. Due to its harsh climate though, tent camping is only possible during the summertime. Most of the people who are planning their camping in Iceland trip, never include winter in their travel calendar. However, when you look for the Icelandic landscapes in winter, scenery like out of wonderland will appear. That is why wintertime is gradually becoming more popular, and the peak season may even start in April and lasts until the end of September. Less crowded places, lower prices, and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights beat the possible cold you might experience. How can we then organize a trip during the cold months without freezing out? The answer is simple, choosing the right camper van for your trip equipped with a heating system! Before doing so, you need to know the different types of campers and how their heating system works.

Happy tourists taking advantage of having the right camper heating system in their vehicle

Choosing the right camper van for your trip

Iceland is an unpredictable island with weather that can change any minute. Trekking under the rain and getting cold and soaked can ruin your whole trip. That is why it is essential to rent a fully equipped campervan with a proper heating system installed. Traveling around Iceland will get much better and pleasant if you choose the right vehicle. First, you will need to decide which kind of vehicle will most suit your needs. You are to determine if you will go for a campervan or a motorhome or a simple car rental. If you go for an RV rental, we can already guarantee that you will not regret this. That is the best possible way of exploring our small, but full of highlights, island. It gives you real freedom and a sense of adventure. You are the one who decides where to go, what to see, and when is the right time to stop and have a meal. It is a perfect plan for holidays for independent, adventurous travelers.

When choosing between so many campervan rentals, you should focus on certain factors that will help you decide what vehicle will suit you best. After checking the standard requirements like the need to have a valid credit card for the rental, the fuel consumption of the car, any service fees, and other conditions, there comes the time to check the vehicle’s equipment. It is the second most crucial point, and you should carefully review it before commencing your rental. Check if you will be provided with everything that you might need during your journey and, if not if there is an option to hire it at extra cost.

What is the standard equipment in campers?

Most of the rental vehicles come with standard equipment, including the bedding or at least a sleeping bag, necessary kitchen utensils you might need along with a gas stove, and unlimited mileage. That is already a perfect start, as you would not need to bring it all with you or purchase it here at the destination. Most of the rental companies will equip you as well with one gas bottle, which you can use for the start and refill at the gas station after it is finished.

Other amenities can make your trip even more comfortable and pleasant. Some of the models will be equipped with a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi. On others, these options come separately at an extra fee. Inside the cabin of your vehicle, you will find a 12V cigarette lighter socket and a USB input that can be used for charging your devices. A thing which does not come included as standard equipment is the adapter to obtain a 220V socket, which we do recommend getting yourself.

Generally speaking, rental vehicles like campers and motorhomes, come equipped with a heating system as a standard, but it is worth checking it with your provider. There is nothing better than coming back to your campervan, which is temporarily your home and getting warmed up by the heating inside.

A Tourist setting on the camper heating system during the trip in Iceland

How does the camper heating system work in a camper?

There are few camper heating system options you might encounter when renting a vehicle in Iceland. The most common one and the one which you will be experiencing in our campervans is the Webasto like heating system. It gained its name from one of its producers. It was first installed mainly in the camping vehicles, but it is getting so popular nowadays, that it is installed even in standard cars. This kind of heating works on a separate battery and is operating independently of the engine. It draws fuel directly from the fuel tank of your vehicle.  It consists of using the engine cooling system along with its ventilation system. The air sucked into the unit is essential for the combustion reaction. When it is warmed up, it is passed through the heater exchanger to the interior of the vehicle.

The size of the battery is so compact, that when used with the engine off, it is barely inaudible. The high performance of the Webasto type of heating guarantees a proper warm up the interior of your RV in a few minutes. We do recommend to run it for some time to warm up before turning it off for the night. The main advantage of this heating type is its low fuel consumption.

To improve battery life performance, we recommend driving the vehicle at least three or four hours, every time the heating was in use. You need to be aware of that so you can enjoy the heat for a long time.

Another heating system option can be found within the motorhomes categories. These vehicles come equipped with gas heating. Your rental company will provide you with a gas bottle for the heating system to run. Same as with a standard gas bottle which you will use for cooking at the gas stove, you can then refill it at the gas station.

These are the most common systems used in camping cars in Iceland. Both are also the most effective ones, which will keep the interior of your vehicle warm and cozy.

Couple enjoying a warm camper thanks to the camper heating system

Camper heating system: how does it work?

Renting a proper campervan for your trip in Iceland does not need to be a headache. The right preparation and some research before making your booking will help to avoid any issues during the journey. Make sure your vehicle will be equipped with all the necessary amenities and a proper heating system. As you have seen, it is pretty easy to use, and there are no complicated steps to take to make your temporary home warm inside.

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